Our Founder

Meet Our Founder

Hi! I’m beny wu, I am a maker at heart and have always loved to sew, create, build and make. Creating new designs and patterns is like a giant puzzle to figure out. I love the challenge and am so grateful I get to do what I love everyday.
Who are Lucy and Leo?
Lucy and Leo are my two adorable, spunky, smart little cousins who were the original inspiration for starting my collection.
Why did you start Lucy & Leo?
In 2009 my cousin Lucy was born, it was also the year I graduated college and had bins of left over fabric from fashion school and nothing to do with them. As someone who is passionate about creating and also passionate about caring for the earth I had to find something to do with all of this fabric! I couldn’t just throw it away. My mom suggested I make some clothes for Lucy, I did and never stopped. A couple of years later, after sewing everything myself, doing crafts fairs and other events, I decide to quit my full time job and do my business full time. It just so happens that around the same time Lucy’s brother Leo was born. It was meant to be!
What motivated you to start an organic baby clothing line that is also made in the NY?
I want to change the world! With a background in fashion I know the not so pretty sides of the fashion industry where people are not treated humanely, there is tons of waste and the environment is heavily impacted in a negative way. If I was doing something in the fashion industry I wanted to do it in a way that would help support people and the environment in a positive way. It is important for me to be a catalyst for change and to get people to realize what they are supporting when they shop.
What inspires your design?
When I first started Lucy & Leo, Lucy’s mom had a hard time finding clothing for Lucy that was not sparkly and pink. Since this was not her style she was frustrated. I also noticed that most organic baby clothing out there was very boring. My goal with Lucy & Leo is to provide moms a different option, where organic fabrics can be super soft and comfortable but also look really cool.   This goal is always in my mind when I am designing.