Giving Back

The Lucy & Leo Project

At Lucy & Leo, we believe that small change can lead to big impact. We are on a mission to educate parents and children about the effect they have on their environment and in the process, change how the fashion industry works.
Our goal is to prevent 200,000 lbs of fabric from entering the landfill.

Why is this important?

The fashion industry is one of the most wasteful industries in the world, contributing millions of tons of fabric into landfills each year. Not only does the fabric sit in our landfills for years on end, but also it gives off harmful gases and chemicals that run into our soil and waterways.

Teaching our children:

At Lucy & Leo, we have a unique opportunity to turn this fabric waste into something good. By educating future generations about our environment, our hope is that they will take better care of our earth so they can live healthfully for years to come. We hope to teach children that they can have an impact on their surroundings and create change.

How does it work?

We turn our scrap fabric into tote bags and stuff animals which are then donated to local homeless shelters. We partner with local schools in Philadelphia and New York to teach kids, through sewing, about their immediate impact on the environment and their communities. We help them design and make stuffed animals and tote bags out of the scrap fabric that would otherwise end up in our landfills, and then donate the finished product to local shelters to help children in need. 
the lucy & leo project 

How to get involved:

Are you part of a girl scout troop who needs to earn their sewing badges, a teacher, or just someone who wants to make a difference? We make it easy and send you everything you need. We will send you a kit with patterns and fabric, enough for each person to make something as well as give you instructional videos. Just email to get started. Tell us your name, address to send supplies, and how many people involved. We will work with you to find a shelter in your area to donate the finished product.
What The Lucy & Leo Project will provide:
What you will need:
-fabric scissors
-needle and thread
-sewing machine(optional)
Our latest volunteers at work in upstate NY: