why is buying organic baby clothing important?
Organic clothing contains no harmful pesticides that can be passed on to your baby’s skin, it is super soft and much better for the environment than traditional clothing. To learn more click here.

why should i buy clothing made in usa?
We could write a whole book about this one, but basically when you buy products made in USA you are supporting your economy and you are ensuring that the people who make your clothing are treated fairly.

is your fabric certified organic and where does it come from?
All of our fabric is certified organic, while we do our absolute best to source from the USA, sometimes our fabric comes from fair trade organic certified factories in India or Japan. Providing fair wages and working conditions.

where is the clothing made?
All of our clothing is made in NY, we have two factories one is a family owned factory in Long Island, NY and the other is in the fashion district of Manhattan.

how do I know what size to order?
We do our best to stay true to size, our clothing is a closer fit to the actual age of your child than other brands. For example if your child is 12 months old we suggest getting a size 12-18m. Of course all children are different, so if you are unsure what size to order we recommend going up one size from the age of the child(they will always grow but won't shrink!). You can always e-mail us if you need more help and we will be happy to assist!

how do I wash Lucy & Leo clothing?
All of our clothing is machine washable, we recommend you wash in cold water and line or lay flat to dry to allow the garment to last as long as possible and help conserve energy.

what makes Lucy & Leo skincare product safe for babies to use?
All of our products are made with certified organic essential oils and have ingredients you can actually understand. We use only products that are proven safe for baby’s sensitive skin. Babies skin is 30% more absorbent then ours and we need to treat it carefully

I left my skincare in the hot car and now it’s melted, is it safe to use?
Yes! We recommend storing our products in a cool dry place. Since we do not use any additives of any sort, our products may melt when left in a warm place. This does not compromise the integrity of our products. Just put it in the refrigerator for an hour or two and it should return to it's normal consistency.

How does Lucy & Leo give back to our community and world?
At Lucy & Leo we believe in giving back to our community and to our world. For each item you purchase at Lucy & Leo we donate 1 tree to be planted with Trees For The Future. To learn more click here .

Do you wholesale?
Yes we do! Please contact Beny@lucyandleo.com for all wholesale inquiries