Stuff We Love- March Edition


1. We love this ABC rug from Peurobaby, and you will too! Not only is this rug made with 100% cotton and non toxic dyes, but it's also super lightweight and has an anti-slip underlay to prevent accidents. Partial profits also go to help schools in India!

2. In the Little People, Big Dream series, you discover the lives of outstanding people who have made a difference in the world. This unique, illustrated biography follows the life of Audrey Hepburn and we love it because not only does it inform readers of little tidbits of her life, but it also inspires and empowers kids to make a difference in their lives as well. You can order your copy here

3. These wooden nesting dolls from Le Petit Organic are so cute and each one has a unique pattern! We love these dolls because they are all organic and painted by hand. Every one is a little imperfect which makes them all the more special!