FW17 Collection Inspiration

Lucy & Leo FW17 Collection

organic collection

We are so excited to share our FW17 collection with you! This collection was inspired by a collection of vintage Wizard of Oz books. Above is our one of our favorite dresses in the collection, our Ravenswood Dress, a dress inspired by Dorothy's journey through Oz.


You can check out the new collection here.

 Below is a snapshot of some of the photos we used during the design process. For this collection, the design process was a lot of fun. 

collection inspiration

-First, we looked online for vintage Wizard of Oz imagery, beautiful illustrations of Dorothy and her friends.

-Second, we looked through a bunch of old Wizard of Oz books, it is beautiful to see how the characters have evolved through the years.

 -Third, we source our fabrics, we only used super soft organic fabrics for this collection.

-Fourth, we sketch out new silhouettes and assign fabrics to each piece.


-Then comes samples and fittings and the collection comes to life!



We hope you love it as much as we do!