M.O.M.- Jocelyn

Jocelyn, from Jacobus, PA, is mom to Maddox and works for Under Armour as a Senior Product Line Manager.
mommy of the month
what was the thing that surprised you most when you became a mom?
How much I could love the little guy and how quickly he'd grow up!
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what do you wish someone else had told you about parenting so you would be better prepared?

I don't think anyone's advice could really have prepared me. It's something that you definitely learn as you go!

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what is your biggest accomplishment you are most proud of? 

I would have to say having Maddox! I can't believe I've already been a mom for almost a year!

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  what is your biggest pet peeve?

If I had to pick something it would be stepping on cheerios that are constantly on the floor! It seems every time we clean up, there's a mess again!

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if you had a kid free day to do anything you want, what would you do?

I would probably get my nails done, go shopping and get caught up around my house. The last is definitely a mom response, but it's the truth!


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