M.O.M.- Jessa

Jessa is mom to Willow and the founder of Inspired Brews Kombucha in Philadelphia.
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what was the thing that surprised you most when you became a mom?
How much time I could easily spend staring at my daughter. It never gets old. And when I wasn't with her, I was looking at photos of her!
what do you wish someone else had told you about parenting so you would be better prepared?
I wish someone would have told me how hard it is to let go. Willow's almost 2 and I already feel like I have had to let her become more independent. Moving her into her crib after co-sleeping, leaving her with a sitter so I can actually get some work done, deciding to stop breastfeeding, dropping her off at a toddler school...she's so young and looking forward I feel like most of parenthood seems like letting your baby grow up :) It's fun seeing new development, and I always enjoy the new stages, but the letting go part isn't easy!
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what is your biggest accomplishment you are most proud of?
I think I'm most proud of getting through Willow's first year while working to grow Inspired Brews. I had SO much help and support around me, and that's what made it happen, but it was a hard year. I had a lot of guilt when I was working, as I felt like I wasn't fulfilling the role of mama. And then when I was home, I felt like I wasn't able to give everything to my business. It was hard. I had to repeat to myself over and over to 'give yourself grace'.
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what is your biggest pet peeve?
My biggest pet peeve is my dog! Ha, when Willow does sleep through the night, he normally wakes me up :)
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if you had a day kid free to do anything you want, what would you do?
I'd probably sleep! That's just something that doesn't happen much with Willow around :)
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