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We are so excited to launch our new blog- M.O.M. (Mommy of the Month). We know how challenging it can be to be a mom, and we want to take a moment to honor some of the amazing moms out there.

Taylor is mom to Emery, age 2, and three crazy cats. She looks forward to nap time every single day. 

what was the thing that surprised you most when you became a mom?
That my husband and I would discuss dirty diapers in such detail. And sometimes with pride. It's shocking how all-consuming it is to have this tiny human in your life. Your entire life and schedule really do revolve around them. You think you can just fit them into your schedule, but it doesn't work that way. And you don't just magically become a mom. At least for me, it still surprises me that I carried and gave birth to this person, and that I am her touchstone—I don't even feel like an adult most days! That's something that really made me appreciate all that my parents did for me—I don't think I understood how much they loved me and my brother until I had Emery.
Probably also, I had said I would never do certain things when I had a kid, and then I did them. Like co-sleeping. We lived in a tiny apartment until this past summer, so Emery was two feet away from me in her crib, and we ended up doing a lot of bed sharing, which I had been terrified of before I realized that it worked for us at the time. But now that she has her own room, we're all sleeping better.
what do you wish someone else had told you about parenting so you would be better prepared?
I feel like when you are pregnant people don't want to tell you the truth about how much the newborn stage can suck. Even almost two years removed, my husband, Pete, and I just don't know if we could go through that again. Once you're on the other side of it, it's easy to be excited for people who are expecting and you don't want to burst their bubble, and be like, Hey, FYI, colic really sucks, you're going to be more tired than you ever thought possible, and you are going to want to leave the house and not come back—but it gets better!
what is your biggest accomplishment you are most proud of?
I guess I would say I'm most proud that we are still breastfeeding. I went into pregnancy lukewarm about breastfeeding and started out with small goals, six weeks, then six months, then a year, and now we are almost at two years. I never would have expected that. I'm proud that we have stuck with it, but I might be even more proud of the fact that I continued pumping at work until Emery was about 21 months. That can be pretty miserable.
And this might make me sound like a total loser, but I'm also proud of myself for getting out of the house and making some fellow mom friends in the neighborhood early on. I'm very introverted, so that is a big deal to me; having these ladies in my life to be able to talk to, share milestones with and get advice from has been a lifesaver. That's definitely something I would recommend to any expecting parents—find other people in the same situation as you to cheer you on, and vice versa. 
what is your biggest pet peeve?
My biggest pet peeve would have to be when things are out of place. It's a losing battle with a toddler around, but I'm still constantly putting things back and sorting junk into piles. I usually straighten up the living room every day before naptime and after Emery goes to bed (when I'm not at work); I find it hard to relax when there is a lot of clutter around (but our house is definitely still "lived in"!).
Also, I guess this isn't really a pet peeve, but my husband and I have crazy opposite schedules, and we only have maybe one day a month off together. I would love some more family time and maybe even a date once in awhile!
if you had a day kid free to do anything you want, what would you do?
I'd like to say that I would go out shopping and get a pedicure or haircut, but honestly I would probably just want to lie in bed and read, sleep and watch TV. And buy stuff online. That's probably the most realistic scenario and honestly I'm excited just thinking about it. 
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  • Kathleen Simcox

    Excellent article written by a first time Mom. All of this is true because I have witnessed Taylor in her element. True she is an introvert, the opposite of me. She is also the most organized person I know. Knowing this I am impressed with the way Taylor and Pete educate Emery by getting her out daily exploring and introducing her to new friends. They have made us proud parents. Parents of Taylor

  • LInda Morris

    I wish that I was there so that I could help. —great aunt

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