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O is for Owl Teether

$ 28.00

This adorable wood teether is safe from all chemicals and toxins. The Owl Teether is made from all natural sustainable maple wood, which is rock hard, naturally antibacterial and non splintering. All of the intricate designs are permanently etched in the wood featuring both sides of the owl.

Each piece is hand sanded smooth and made in NYC.


Care Instructions:

To encourage some first nibbles we suggest using a little fruit sauce (Apple, Pear etc)- please nothing red.
If your teether ever needs a little sprucing just use a fine sanding sheet or a smoothing sponge.
You can also rinse your teether with water and allow to dry- if it landed or "fell" somewhere we can't even discuss. This may raise the grain of the wood a bit but its nothing a little sanding paper can't fix.
If you want a little shine you can use your own organic olive oil, Eco friendly beeswax or carnauba wax.
If for some reason on certain 'cranky' days your child wants to throw it like a projectile missile, ;) we suggest purchasing a toy leash.
Lastly- wood kind of smells... like good ol'fashioned wood. That's why we love it!